Top 5 Cannabis

Sativa Strains That Give You an Uplifting High

Pure Cannabis Sativa usually takes longer to flower than Cannabis Indica, but the patience of sativa growers is rewarded with an amazing yield that you cannot expect with Indica.  The Haze for example may take about twelve weeks to flower in an indoor setting, but the kind of cerebral high offered by this variety of Cannabis Sativa is highly sought after even by experts.

The sativa strains are native to some of the world’s leading marijuana growing countries such as Mexico, India, Thailand, and Colombia. In this article, we have created for you a list of top five Cannabis Sativa strains that can give you a high like no other.

Haze Berry

This is a classic example of medicinal marijuana strain that has a lingering sweet flavor and gives an uplifting high to those who need to work throughout the day with a creative mind. The combined flavor of blueberry with the amazing cerebral high it offers, make the strain popular. These huge plants can spread out beautifully in an indoor setting or outdoor garden, and they offer excellent yields.

Power Flower

The refreshing taste of limes and lemons make Power Flower a much sought strain in the market and it is specially made for the commercial marijuana growers who seek high yields. Even in an indoor setting, you can expect to get about 650 grams/sq. meter. The plant thrives best in warm outdoor climates and the most favorable regions are California or Italy. The cerebral high offered by Power Flower is uplifting and smooth.

Shining Silver Haze

Whether you grow original Shining Silver Haze or a hybrid, they are perfectly suited for the indoor and outdoor gardens. Haze is one of the most popular and sought after Cannabis Sativa strains that have genetics that have been stabilized for years. These cannabis plants love the outdoors and they thrive beautifully in natural sun light. Even in an indoor setting, growers can expect to get about 450 grams/ sq. meter.  This strain offers an instant high and this is popular among the seasoned smokers who love the taste and the calm feeling induced by the strain.

Fruit Spirit

This rich strain is known for its rich flavor and instant high that makes it stand out from the rest. This variety of strain is extracted from one of the most sweet tasting skunk plants, and you will soon realize that the Fruit Spirit becomes a favourite. Whether you an outdoor or indoor marijuana grower, you will find this Sativa plant idea for both conditions. When grown indoors you can expect about 400 grams/ sq. meter while in a garden, you can get a yield of 1000 grams in ideal conditions.

Royal Madre

Royal Madre is actually a hybrid combining 75 percent Sativa and 25 percent Indica. This plant has a careful blend of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) levels, which make it perfect for consumers seeking it for medicinal purpose. This sativa plant is an ideal choice for marijuana cultivators looking for a plant that matures quickly, and this strain is usually ready for harvest in 8 weeks.

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